Best Small Angle Grinders in 2017 - Guide & Reviews

In this 21st century, there is so much to learn in the market. The world is full of dishonest traders; everyone is trying to get rich by all crude means available.


For that reason, you need to get acquainted with the current trend of what is going on in the market of grinders to avoid buying a wrong machine that will cost you a lot.There are thousands of various models of angle grinders in the market and makes of angle grinders on the market today.

It is true you want the top quality machine at the best price possible. However, before you make a decision to purchase that grinder that attracted your attention, you should make sure that the angle grinder your buy suits your needs.Where you use the machine, how you use it and what you use it for will play a huge role in selecting the best small angle grinder which will suit you perfectly.

Rockwell Shop-series 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

Rockwell ShopSeries 4-1/2" Angle Grinder

Best Small Angle Grinder Comparison Table










Hitachi 4 1/2" 5 Amp Angle Grinder


4 1/2" 5 Amp Angle Grinder




4 lbs

1 year

Check Price
Bosch 1375A 4-1/2 in. 6 Amp Small Angle Grinder


1375A 4-1/2 in. 6 Amp Small Angle Grinder




6.8 lbs

3 year

Check Price
Rockwell Shop-series 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder


ShopSeries 4-1/2" Angle Grinder




5 lbs


Check Price


DWE4011 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder




3.9 lbs


Check Price
VonHaus 6-Amp 4-1/2 inch Angle Grinder


6-Amp 4-1/2 inch Angle Grinder




5.5 lbs


Check Price

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Small Angle Grinders

Before taking your hands in that pocket of yours to take out your hard earned money to purchase a grinder, there are factors you need to consider first. The following are some of them. You will realize how important they are after reading through each one of them.


This is a very paramount feature when choosing the best small angle grinder to buy. Always make sure that the machine you buy has a higher rating of current regarding amps.

The higher the amps ratings, the better the grinder, and the less struggle you will experience when powering through tougher jobs. A power rating of at least 5 Amp is better for a small angle grinder, anything less than this should not be considered.

Speed Of The Motor

The speed of the motor plays a major role in determining the speed of the grinder. A highly rated motor will have a higher speed. This speed is usually rated in revolutions per minute. When buying a small grinder, always look for a grinder with a higher speed. A higher speed of above 10,000 rpm is enough for a small grinder. It will aid in your faster cutting.


When you spend your money on a strong machine, you need it to last for long. Always stick with those known brands that you know and trust. This is because they spend a lot of money on research and development thus bringing in the market better and longer lasting equipment.

When purchasing a small grinder, do not go those which are not durable; always look out for quality brands you know or those with good reviews from customers.


Good grinders always come with a warranty of at least a year. The warranty gives you the confidence to use the grinder to its full potential. Never buy a power tool that has no warranty.

The best-known brands of grinder manufacturers always back their products with limited warranties. Never think twice, however, cheap the product may be, if it lacks a warranty, just do away with it and get another one.

Other Considerations

  • Shape of the grinder
  • Price of the grinder
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Safety when operating it

Recommended Best Small Angle Grinders

Now that you have looked at the factors to consider when buying a small angle grinder, it is time to have a glimpse of some of the best small angle grinders in the market. The following descriptions will be helpful to you.


The Rockwell angle grinder is ideal for tackling small jobs. If you need to handle small jobs, then this is the grinder to purchase. Its slim body design offers a secure grip and comfortable handling.


For small grinding activities, you won't need a heavy grinder. This grinder is small in size weighing only 4.2 pounds. This is ideal for reaching out to tight places and overhead works.

6-Amp Motor Rating

The motor ratings of this grinder are at 6-amps. This is large enough to generate required torque needed during grinding. For tougher jobs, this will not give you a hard time.

Speed Of 11,000 Rpm

As I said earlier, always look out for a grinder with at least 10,000 rpm. This grinder has 11,000 rpm meaning that tough jobs will be completed very fast as compared a grinder with a lower speed.


Accessories of a grinder are a very important factor. For this reason, this grinder comes with accessories like an auxiliary handle and one spanner wrench. Additional accessories are readily available at the shops and can be purchased separately.

Bosch 1375A 4-1/2 in. 6 Amp Small Angle Grinders

The Bosch 1375A is one of the most popular small angle grinders on the market today. This is because it has excellent durability, build quality and value for money. It received outstanding reviews from consumers on various forums.

6-amp Motor

Its motor rating is 6-amp. This is just enough for a small grinder to provide the required revolutions per minute to run the grinder. The grinder also has lock-on/off switch for extended use applications.

Cord Length

The cord length of this grinder is about six inches. This is enough for a small grinder like this one. It will allow the operator to move to any position within the workplace as long as there are power outlet sockets.

Durable and Light

The grinder is made of Aluminum 1375. This material is strong, durable and light in weight which in turn makes the grinder to be of light weight weighing only 5.10 pounds.


The grinder has a service minder brushes which reduces chances of guesswork and stops the tool whenever preventative maintenance is required. It also has Epoxy coated field windings which provide ultimate protection against abrasive dust and metal debris.

Hitachi 4 1/2" 5 Amp Angle Grinder

Hitachi is known for producing high-quality power tools and this product from them is not an exception. Hitachi is targeting to provide unconquerable value for money with this angle grinder.

It sells at a lower price than most of its competitors in the market, but still ranks right high there with the best when it comes to build quality.

5-Amp, 580 Input Motor

The Hitachi grinder has a motor with a lower rating of 5 amps and an input power of 580 watts. This rating is ideal for a small grinder like the Hitachi, and it helps in saving power since less is used at any given time.

High Power-to-Weight Ratio

The grinder weighs only three pounds, and its power rating is 580 watts. This gives it a high power to weight ratio allowing for optimal control and maneuverability. This metal grinder is thus ideal for grinding metal, doing masonry works, paint and rust removal or sanding.

Low-Profile Gear Housing and a Compact Body

The grinder has low profile gear housing and a compact body construction making it easier to work with in tight areas and overhead works.

Quality Performance and Durability

The grinder has a quality performance, and it is durable. It is made of rugged glass reinforced with polyamide resin body and a precision die-cast Aluminum gear housing to add to its durability and performance.


The DEWALT DWE4011 features a new ergonomic design that makes handling much easier than with earlier models. The One-Touch Guard, which eliminates the need for a tool to adjust the guard location, is a huge improvement on the old version. The build quality of the DEWALT is second to none and if take care of will last for years to come.


This grinder is a multi-purpose machine and can do some functions such as being used by a mechanical contractor, concrete repair contractors and fabricators who have to perform a variety of applications in tight spaces like grinding and beveling steel, cutting pipes and steel plates, grinding welds and concrete surface preparation.

One-Touch Guard Feature

This feature allows the grinder users to simply turn the guard to adjust its position automatically. This is done without the need to push buttons or open latches for movement.

7-Amps Motor

The motor is rated 7-amps AC/DC. This is so high providing enough power to give 12,000 revolutions per minute. The feature makes this grinder ideal for faster removal and higher overload protection.


The grinder has a low profile, jam-pot gear case which increases durability and allows the tool to fit into tight spaces. It also has Hex wrench which replaces spanner wrench.

VonHaus 6-Amp 4-1/2 inch Angle Grinder

This type of grinder is suited to all functions of a grinder whether it is smoothing surfaces, removing excess material or rust, cutting through metal piping or just general purpose grinding. It has the following features.

6-Amp Motor

The motor rating is that high that even the most confined and detailed jobs can be handled with ease and completed successfully. The motor is very powerful and ideal for this small grinder.

Adjustable Side Handle

The handle can be attached on either side of the main central handle to ensure greater control when undertaking specifically intricate jobs. It also adds to its steadiness and mobility.

Durable, Safe and Versatile

It is made of a boating hard casing and a variable safety guard. Given it compatibility in the market, the VonHaus Angle Grinder is a durable, safe and versatile piece of machinery you will come across. It comes complete with one multipurpose disc.


The grinder speed is rated at 10,500 revolutions per minute. This should never be exceeded as if it is exceeded; the grinder may break down.

Final Words

I looked at the five best small Angle Grinders in this review. I have tried to capture every detail that I thought would be helpful to you. I have discussed each one of them giving features with relevant information to guide you get the right one. I have also indicated and discussed in detail some of the factors to consider when buying the best small Angle grinder and I hope that you found it helpful.

In conclusion, I would wish that you make your decision to purchase one if you think that these grinders suit your needs which I hope so if all you need is a small grinder with excellent performance regarding speed, power, durability, and warranty.

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