Best Corded Hammer Drills in 2017 - Guide & Reviews

A corded hammer drill is a piece of equipment used, to drill holes for different purposes. When used with a masonry bit, they are used to drill into concrete, stone, brick or motor. When a hammer drill is in operation, it rotates like a normal drill and as well as has a forward, hammering action, impacting a force as a normal hummer does.


The hammer drill is widely used in a variety of applications and tool lovers can choose from various models manufactured by different brands to fit well their desired and intended use.

A hammer drill is a must have equipment in and around the house as it makes work easier, it is also safe to use compared to other crude methods used to make holes. Hammer drills are useful tools to have at hand whether one is a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast.

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 120-Volt Hammer Drill

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 120-Volt Hammer Drill

Best Corded Hammer Drill Comparison Table










SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 120-Volt Hammer Drill


6445-04 7.0 Amp 120-Volt Hammer Drill




5.5 lbs

1 years

Check Price
Black & Decker DR670 6.0-Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Black + Decker





3 lbs

2 years

Check Price
DeWalt DW511 1/2" (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR Hammerdrill Review


DW511 1/2" (13MM) 7.8 AMP VSR HAMMER DRILL




5.3 lbs

3 years

Check Price
BOSTITCH BTE140K 7-Amp 1/2-Inch VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill






8.8 lbs

3 years

Check Price

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Corded Hammer Drills

If you want to get an excellent hammer drill to help you do your job with ease, here are some points to note so that you can be sure that you are purchasing the right product.

Voltage Rating

The higher the voltage rating of the hammer drill, the more powerful and functional it is. However, when shopping for a drill, you should also be more concerned with the amount of output of the drill this is regarding twisting power that is measured in Nm.

Most drills in the market have 18V. However, more powerful twenty-volt batteries are now available in the market. The Voltage rating also has a cost implication factor if the drill is used over a long period


This is a measure of twisting power, which is measured in Nm. The twisting power is an important factor as is what is applied in the actual working of the drill. The higher the Nm rating, the higher the maximum torque the drill can produce.

The ability to vary the torque is an important feature as it allows for functionality. Higher torque settings allow for hard materials while brittle material needs less torque that has less vibration force being impacted. Torque setting features are more often than not included to prevent damage and to avoid overloading of the bit.

Hammer Action Or Drill Driver

Hammer action is an important feature, and that is widely used in hammer drills as it one of the main applications. And the use for this purpose calls for a lot of force to be inputted into the drilling action and is mainly required for drilling into concrete, mortar or brickwork.

The performance is measured in beats per minute (bpm).This is an important factor to consider especially when the hammer drill will be used in demanding tasks.

Speed Of The Drill

This is the rotation rate of a drill and is measured in rotations per minute (rpm). A good drill needs to have a control for speed selection this allows you to be in much and way better control of the rate of rotation. The speed of the drill is varied depending on the size of the hole or type of accessory being used putting into consideration the material being drilled.


The chuck is the aperture that holds the drill tightly in place, during the drilling operation. A good hammer drill needs to have a single sleeve keyless chuck to allow for easy bit change and improved bit retention.

A firm chuck also ensures tight gripping of the bit and holding it in place during operation. A 13mm chuck is suitable for a wide range of drilling tasks, and will adjust to hold a range of drill bits up to 13mm in diameter.

Length Of Cord

The longer the cord of the hammer; the higher the reliability and functionality. This allows the hammer drill to be used over a large are away from the required power source. This is an important feature that should be considered.

The type of the cord too should be put into consideration a hard rubber code is preferable to light easy wear plastic this allows for use in extreme conditions for example on construction sites and even at home.


A good hammer drill is fitted with a two-speed gearbox having the benefit of increasing torque in the lower speed setting, therefore achieving improved performance at lower speed.

This is ideal for drilling delicate materials, such as glass and tile, where low speed settings are required to reduce vibrations due to their high and breaking brittle factor. The more the gearboxes fitted on a hammer drill, the higher its reliability, it increases functionality and ease of work.

Other Considerations

  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Safety components fitted in and on the drill
  • Weight of the hammer
  • Market prices for the drill
  • Shape and general appearance

Recommended Best Corded Hammer Drills

The following are the hammer drills that I have recommended for you as part of your equipment for do it yourself ( DIY) tasks and others too. It is out of the experience that I came up with the list.

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 120-Volt Hammer Drill

This powerful 7.0 Amp 1/2-Inch corded drill model 6445 is the ideal tool for tough applications.

Half Inch Keyed Chuck

This drill has a half Inch keyed chuck that accepts larger diameter bits .this bits are designed for woodworking and designs and cutting while the side-assist handle provides more support when needed.

Switch Operator

The drill also has a switch lets you select the mode of operation either as a traditional drill or as a hammer drill.

Side Handle

A detachable side-assist handle offers greater control. This gives you the comfort you need when you are at work.


This is a powerful drill offering very good optimal performance. Capacity in steel: 1/2", capacity in wood: 1-1/4", capacity in cement: 1/2".

Includes: (1) BTE140 1/2" Hammer Drill, (1) Side Handle, (1) Depth Rod, (1) Chuck Key and Holder and Kit Box.

7 Amp Motor

This powerful motor has a lot and plenty of power for tough applications.

Selection For Mode Of Operation

The option to select Drill or Hammer drill modes provides performance in a wide variety of materials

Dual Speed Transmission

This allows for selection of a gear according to the task at hand providing maximum torque and speed in both low and high selected options.

Metal Gear Housing

This provides additional durability as well as helping in disseminating and dissipating heat away during operation of the internal components, hence increasing the life span of the hammer drill

Side Handle

The handle with depth rod provides additional stability and control in tough applications while drilling.

Black & Decker DR670 6.0-Amp 1.2-Inch Hammer Drill

This a powerful and compact drill made specifically to handle tough tasks and more so, conveniently and comfortably tasks in tight and confined spaces

Half Inch All Metal Keyless Chuck

This allows for easy bits changes and maximum grip on the bit during operation.

Pistol Grip Design

The grip design allows for better balance and control of the drill offers better balance and control,

Variable Speed Trigger

This feature allows for drilling in controlled applications making sure that the material is not distorted when drilled.

Side Handle And Depth Rod

This design is to allow for optimal use of power and speed of the drill, especially when drilling concrete and brick.

DeWalt DW511 1/2" (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR Hammerdrill Review

This is an all-purpose motor that is built to handle all forms of tasks. The key features of this drill are as enlisted below

Powerful Motor With Overload Protection

This hammer drill has a very powerful motor capable of delivering up to 650 watts of power; it also comes equipped with overload protection mechanism.

Variable-Speed Trigger

This feature allows for precision in hole placement and proper use when it comes to usage of different material, depending on their hardness.

Dual Operation Design

The hammer drill is versatile as it can work on steel, wood and concrete. All this is comfortably achieved without damaging or burning the bit.

Comfortable Handling

The drill has a two-finger rubber trigger making speed control and variation easy.

360-Degree Side Handle

This dynamic feature offers hand-position that essentially allows for optimum handling. An integrated depth rod on the handle provides the much needed top-down accuracy.

Low Weight

The hammer weighs a mere 4.3 pounds, and its hammer drill is eleven and a half inches


The Dewalt Hammer Drill comes with a manufacturer's warranty package is three-year limited warranty and a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Final Words

The above five corded hammer drills are a great selection for your drilling. They will give the best results when used. I hope by now you will not just buy a hammer drill for the sake but you will buy something worth your money. A hammer drill that satisfies you needs.

One crucial thing to remember about these hammer drills is that they vary in prices. Don't select the one which is expensive because you think it will perform better than the other or choose the one which is cheap because you do not have enough cash. Always consider what you want in a hammer drill and qualities before making a decision.

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